why are radical messages attracting young europeans?
Communication Design V Project

Many causes have been identified, whether by the scientific and political communities, or by the communication media: the socioeconomic inequality of Islamic minorities in Europe; the problems in the educational system; the fascination of young people with the promise of being part of something “great”, empty of values and identity; the failure of integration policies in European societies; the intergenerational problems (relation with parents and authorities); the frustration of young people towards the lack of response to the conflict in Syria. We’re facing a recent and complex phenomenon, so there are no consensual answers to the questions: is there only one cause? Or is it a multicausal phenomenon? Is it for religious and/or ideological reasons that these behaviours occur? Or is it mainly due to personal motives and motivations? Is responsibility individual, or is social and political?

The debate will be preceded by a teaser integrating audio selections featuring a young Western who is currently the spokesperson of Daesh in Syria. The goal is to promote critical thinking and to understand what is the opinion of young Portuguese university students on the current European reality.