which hate speech?
Communication Design V Project

'Which Hate Speech' approaches the problematic of the European crisis of migrants and the resonance of the application of laws against all kinds of speech known as “hate speech” inside the European Union. Starting from a growing visual and audible tension, accompanied by images taken from several sources related to the theme, it is suspended in the question and the depicted passing of time. What speech exactly? And how can it manifest? In what circumstances? Isn’t it from critical freedom in a democratic society that we can truly make progress beyond our differences? The act of censorship can assume problematic proportions, not allowing discussion because it is automatically considered to be negative. The true origin of criticism towards a distant culture that is increasingly closer to the Europeans due to the current migrant crisis is being questioned. This is a culture that should be open to discussion for a better integration and a more stable future. To obstruct criticism by using terms such as “hate speech” and islamophobia will only slow down this process.