we all like to dance, right?
Communication Design V Project

The European instability is becoming more noticeable each day. A project that initially “intended” to unite nations eventually becomes illusory in regard to its main objective. In the context of the bohemian night (western) we find a somewhat temporary refuge for what is seen during the day. In the night, all is forgotten, all is forgiven, everybody comes together. There is no separation, there is no war, there are no parties.

With this video I intend to take the viewer to the threshold between a positive and negative attitude. I think about the present time in an assumedly cynical manner, not wanting to scare anyone, nor getting across an image of insensibility towards what I’m witnessing. I think about how interesting this ability (or defense) can be, to react to problems while forgetting them in such a relaxed, almost naive manner.

Praise the Night that frees us from evil.