we are what we eat
Communication Design V Project

“Europe is the main trade space for the European countries.”

To be European is to have the possibility of importing products from all over Europe, and to be able to share part of what is ours with the other countries of the continent. The growing market openness and the availability of food increased comfort, making way for gastronomical trades. This free movement of products allows us to make contact with other culture’s customs and adapt them to ours. For this reason, there are already products we can call “European products”, which assiduously feature on the table of any European citizen, being the essential base of the meal.

This series of photographs seeks to demonstrate that there is currently a universe of food products that tends to a convergence, not just economical, but also cultural and social. Consumers absorb patterns, styles, trends that are diffused as global goods. We can say there is an instance of homogenous character in the food context. We’re walking towards a globalisation where the common aspects of European cuisine are plain to see, where some flavours can be considered European flavours.