without democracy, what’s left of europe as we know it?
Communication Design V Project

Europe in three words? Mobility, democracy, and peace.

All countries of the European Union have in common a series of idealised European values that go way beyond an economic alliance.The freedom accompanied by openness and tolerance, equal opportunities, and the defense of the public well-being trace the profile of the ideal Europe.

This profile is compromised when politicians such as Vladimir Putin, and more recently, Marine Le Pen, from the extreme-right, suggest alternative plans for the construction of Europe. Marine Le Pen promised to revitalise the national sentiment if she were to be elected; to remove France from the euro and the European Union; to leave NATO; to limit immigration, especially of muslims; to eradicate terrorism; to have zero tolerance with delinquency and end with second opportunities for foreign “potential terrorists”, who will be deported.These political ideas are increasing in followers (perhaps due to the current complicated state of Europe). However, the longing for rapid and absolute solutions is never correct. Even worse, it can cause a regression of a civilising process founded in freedom and democracy.