Communication Design V Project

“selu” is a project based on the theme “Great paradoxes of the second smallest continent of the planet: North vs. South, West vs. East”.

Phonetically, “selu” presents a duality of meaning. On the one hand, the exploration of being the other or ourselves (“sê-lo”, to be sth or sb), as individuals who interact and relate with each other and with the surrounding environment. On the other hand, the stamp of a letter (“selo”), an object that entails sharing, interchange, information exchange, experience exchange, that travels from one place to another as a mark of a society.

Questions such as “Do poles really exist? Do these poles define us? Or is it us who define them?” accompany the project. Its development and conclusion was, without a doubt, an answer to all the questions it bears.

It is the people who define the pole, whether they come from there, or from another place. Poles are increasingly more geographic and are socially spreading. At the beginning, it’s easy to recognise differences between North and South, East and West. However, these differences gradually blur as we cross each other and relations bind.