rewind, fast forward
Communication Design V Project

To be European is something that goes beyond geographic locations, spoken idioms, and visited countries. To be European is a feeling. To feel that we belong, and we’re together. Together especially in the culture that has been built. To be European is to be aware of the history, the legacy of the past, but also to create the present, day after day. To be European isn’t only to live in “the old continent”, but to know how to value and update it in each generation.

Architecture is, in this sense, a mark in Europe. The diversity of existing styles developed throughout history is a characteristic element in several European cities. The small squares, the narrow pedestrian streets, the four floor buildings, the small iron balconies. The harmonious coexistence between buildings from completely different times forms a pattern that enriches the city. A contrast that doesn’t shock, but amuses. The modern and antique live together, transpiring the richness of the past and the adventure of the present.