Communication Design V Project

Starting with “Lunário” by Al Berto, I chose to explore the night as a collective place and space, observing people’s behavior, how they do everything that the daylight won’t allow. The excesses, rhythms, emotions and interactions. Beno’s night is melancholic, solitary, heavy; it carries experiences of a time and a generation. With these photographs, I tried illuminating what my night is, what I live and observe inside my friend circle and my generation. Images that reveal a Portuguese, Lisbon night; different from the pubs, clubs, discos that mark the night of so many other European cities.

Here, the night is made in the street, in the sight of everyone, acquaintances and strangers. The night in Lisbon is different, not just for the cheap beer that makes foreigners lose their minds, it’s the openness, the joy, the immense crowd sharing a space. In a few streets in Cais do Sodré, and a few others in Bairro Alto, going from bar to bar, drinking on the street, smoking on the street, you’re on the street. Even those moving to the trendy clubs begin their evening drinking across downtown. It’s the energy of a place, at a certain hour, in specific days of the week. This combination of factors makes every night unique and unrepeatable.