when the refugees were portuguese
Communication Design V Project

Considering the current discussion in regard to the ‘refugee’ situation, the project has, as starting point, the condition of being a ‘refugee’ in its relation to memory. It aims to communicate an understanding of such a transversal situation through an approach based on a call of attention to a particular reality that is perceived as more familiar — the Portuguese who, in face of a series of circumstances, returned to Portugal.

While focusing specially on the decolonisation period, the purpose of the project is showing that the collective memory of the Portuguese returning from African ex-colonies after the 25th April isn’t limited to what was transmitted in the public sphere, or to a single truth, as instead it encompasses the individual memories of who lived it in first person, which reveal another perspective of history. In order to get this across, we present the dichotomy between the memories in first person — from real testimonies and records from that time — and the memories of who watched the events from an outer perspective through the presentation of information diffused by the public opinion, particularly articles and headlines that have contributed to the construction of a collective memory.