do we really need a new europe? or a different europe?
Projecto de Design de Comunicação V

After the United Kingdom decided to abandon and leave the group of 28 which formed the European Union, several parties began gaining strength in other European countries with a discourse that promotes the exit from the European Union.

Thus, there is an unpredictable future in which the new geopolitical situation, the growth of the nationalist sentiment, which is increasingly xenophobic inside the EU itself, and the emergence of doubt relative to the fundamental values of liberal democracy all feed this climate of instability that has been going on in Europe. Despite the fact that Trump stated that more countries will leave the European Union, which instigates the European disintegration in face of a panorama of chaos, discord, and fragmentation, João Almeida, spokesman of CDS-PP, states that “Europe needs to reform from the inside, with no ruptures or exits.” Then, do we really need a reformulation of the concept of Europe? Do we need a new Europe? Or a different Europe?