could the end of newspapers be the end of a european culture?
Communication Design V Project

I believe that the concept of a European culture isn’t as unified as it used to be; the unity of several countries has never been complete, but it used to be more peaceful than it is now. The disaggregation of the European culture and of different cultures from each country is, in my perspective, due to the contamination of a virtual world that brings imminent risks with it if it isn’t mediated. The frantic consumption of online news, while many of them are fake, contributes to the emergence of a new paradigm: the post-trust era, characterised by the complete abolition of journalistic intermediation and by the possibility of any person writing whatever they want with any intentions they want.

Therefore, the story of Mr. Fernando, who works in downtown Lisbon, illustrates this new reality well. He thinks that newspapers are like video shops: they’ll come to an end. More than making a prophecy, I’m suggesting that we problematise the consequences of this possible change.