is europe's biggest threat... europe itself?
Communication Design V Project

The “old continent” has just celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the signature of the Treaties of Rome. However, only a few times besides now has the continuity of the European Union as we know it has been questioned. It’s important to think whether the true enemy of Europe isn’t in itself. The new possible bankruptcy of Greece, the Brexit, the many different presidential and general elections that increased the emergence of populists in the heat of the crisis of the migratory wave, have all configured a context in which restlessness may intensify even more. Of course, we can’t forget the policies dictated by Donald Trump from across the ocean, that have served many times as inspiration to move a few important people.

Taking all this into account, and knowing that the European values are being challenged these days, isn’t it important to stop for a while and ponder if the worse for Europe isn’t Europe itself? Since each decision is being made by a European entity...