ink on book page
Editorial Design II Project

“It is fascinating to see the variety, the characteristics of everyone’s unique handwriting. Unfortunately this is vanishing with technology.” (Karoly Keserü)

Inspired by the project “CON-TEXT-WORX” of Karoly Keserü, which values text as a graphic medium, as a visual pattern and as a drawing, the publication took into account the non-printed marks left by people in physical books. In the digital era, which is filled with immaterial and volatile supports, it’s important to remember the increased value of personal traits written or drawn by the reader: dedications, marginalia, and sketches. These traits establish a dialogue between the reader and the author. Even when they’re undecipherable, they’re always visually legible. It is precisely this diversity, this manuality that attributes a personal, intimate character to the book, as well as a new significance. This traceability got lost with e-books.