communication design

graduates exhibition '17

Faculty of Fine Arts

of the University of Lisbon

2 — 15 nov
lx factory
23 nov — 10 dec

We are graduate students in Communication Design in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, and we admit that over the past three-year course and onwards we are drifting to... We aren’t quite sure how to fill in this blank space. For now we will leave it blank, but eventually words won’t be lacking.


The narrative “Partimos, Vamos, Somos” was created as an expository model and line of thought for the students, from the initial references, crossing the knowledge transmitted through different fields, to the final project about a collective European identity.


The exhibition is divided into two sites, and is focused on the work developed by the class through the final year of the degree. “Sem destino a” is about the process behind the methodology of Communication Design, particularly highlighting the construction of the idea of a collective Europe in the nucleus “State of Emergency”: a stance based on multiple political, social, and cultural references, without a specific destination.


Official publication of the exhibition.
Available for sale in FBAUL.


Follow the upcoming events in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon and in Lx Factory!

23 Nov
Opening of the Exhibition "State Of Emergency"
7pm at the Building number 1, 1st floor, Lx Factory
14 Nov
Workshop "Portfolio? Wait, what?"
2.30pm at the room 4.16, FBAUL
13 Nov
"How to reach identity?"
6.30pm at the Chapel's Stairway, FBAUL