the end of the world in panties

typejam session'17

Typejam Sessions is an evening of graphic and typographic experimentation and exploration that takes place annually near the end of the first year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design in the Faculty of Fine Arts. The 2017 edition had its focus on the theme ‘Europe’ and was explored by the Graduate students in order to confront the first year class with a theme outside their comfort zone.

This was an evening for Europe to set free from History, from stereotype and prejudice. To reinvent itself, looking for utopic territories never explored before. Through diverse collective challenges, this was an evening when several Europes were projected, having each group only one artistic, cultural, and social period as reference, one that did not triumph in the European culture, or that didn’t last long, such as, for example, Dadaism, Pop Art, Punk, the Hippie Movement, etc. For 12 hours, Europe as we know it didn’t exist. History was rethought and rewritten to give place to an evening of work and leisure in which students were able to explore their own interests, skills, and themes they feel closer to, while asking themselves: Have we attained the society we wish for? Is there no more History to tell?