Communication Design V Project

The theme of the Eurotopia project was the definition of European Culture, its importance, and its possible contribution to the future. Before getting to the importance of Europe and its culture, we sought to define these concepts without the macroeconomic and politicised language that is currently so widely spread. In order to make this possible, we felt the need to speak with four personalities in the cultural and artistic context who transmitted their perspectives of the European culture to us, and who normally don’t have a political discourse on this subject. The script for these conversations was based on four questions that problematised the past and future challenges of this continent:

Why do we need the European culture in the world?

How do European citizens deal with their historical legacy?

How can we invert the Americanisation of our culture?

Is Europe still humanist?

This project culminated in an installation we call the Eurotopia room. In it, different types of objects coexisted: posters, video projections, books, and sound environment — a simultaneously immersive and intimate ambient favorable for reflection on the legacy of the European culture and its intrinsical utopias.