Communication Design V Project

To be European is to live in a multicultural community where values of integration and individual identity prevail. The way that different traditions, habits, religions, or languages are all managed in the same territory and political space is patented in the identity of the European community. However, the cultural contrast is sometimes too strong for some people to be integrated in the community they’re living in.

The European citizen is no longer patternized or defined. The concept is getting vaguer. Europeans are also all those who make the margins. Those who, not necessarily having a European passport, also contribute to the European — multicultural — identity of a certain nation.

This new reality is increasingly marked in the European society, challenging some of the basic principles of the old continent. As cultural diversity enriches, the integration of these cultures becomes more difficult. It is important that, in a world where countries are becoming isolated, all European citizens cooperate with nations from other continents, praising the values of the European Man: curiosity, tolerance, and solidarity.