europe, do you still exist?
Communication Design V Project

Stemming from speeches that formed Europe, where I was lucky to be born, to the speeches of current politicians who defend war. From the fight for the fall of the Berlin Wall and the free movement of people, as if it were a single country, to the new walls that block the circulation of refugees. Following speeches that unify the EU to the defenders of Brexit, Frexit, and a divided Europe, and amid so many contradictions, I ask myself: does Europe still exist? The fight for a better place has been going on for years, a fight for a Europe in peace, but it seems that the memory of the Great Wars and others is starting to be forgotten… that oblivion leads us to nationalisms and anti-Europe movements. It is clear that Europe has never been perfect, it actually started as a very ambitious project, a hope to which we have added more dreams over the years, demanding more than just peace, as if it were already little to ask for. Europeans seem to forget both the tenebrous past and the striving for the Europe we know. So I ask, like someone who fears the loss of a friend: Europe, are you there? Europe, do you still exist?