europe as a common space
Communication Design V Project

Understanding Europe as a common space.

Looking at the path that’s being created for a borderless territory that has been built through the implementation of the Schengen Area in the European Union. In this Europe that is so united and steady in terms of its partners, what boundary is still resisting these ideological changes? In what foot is the current reality in comparison to the idealised reality of the European territory?

The invasion of a common space is about exploring the invasion beyond its negative connotation – to learn to be in the space, adapting oneself to it while it adapts to them. To understand the variable of a possible invasion when we start with a borderless Europe, and search for a blurred line between acceptance and rejection of the continuous transit of ideas, people, ideologies, cultures, and ways of living that act daily throughout the territory that constitutes Europe.

The common space has been invaded, and this is a view on the traces of this continuous passage.