are we condemned to repeat ourselves?
Projecto de Design de Comunicação V

In a moment when the European Union is at a critical stage of possibly ending, and people talk about the possibility of an imminent Third World War, I ask myself: after the first, we had the second, but will we really have to witness the third?

“...everywhere, populations have never felt so insecure, and because of that, they are willing to lose freedom in the name of the fight against terrorism. (...)
The Arab world isn’t divided in moderate and fundamentalist, in Shiites and Sunnis, but in Jihadists and Non-Jihadists; to not understand the difference is to not see that what’s happening in Chechnya, in Gaza, in Iraq, in Lebanon, or in Iran, is all the same, it’s to not see that we could have entered the III WW. [translated from:] (Luís Campos e Cunha, Público, 06/07/2007)

If we are truly in such a situation, could it mean that history has the tendency to repeat itself, or that human beings can’t live without conflict? Do we live in a vicious cycle? Are we condemned to repeat ourselves?