between frequencies
Communication Design V Project

“Between Frequencies” intends to fill in the empty space between waves, acting over the static noise that is unintelligible to the ear when tuning into radio stations. That brief, transitory interval, is our means of exploration for the creation of a relational field between two distinct spaces, analysing from the reverberation of music to the contemporary background, as well as its migratory personality. A political look without boundaries reads beyond the interplay of interferences, unraveling the diffuse and complex melodic narratives that compose noise itself.

The current edition of the project visits the museum of European sound, moving through the exhibition rooms filled with songs singing about places that aren’t here, exotic and familiar. A colonialist echo can be heard in an African melody, which reinvents itself continuously. The tempo that follows is different from the previous one, revealing the sound of a metropolis that had so far been camouflaged under the remaining layers of composition. The sound waves drag us in different directions, leaving the ear adrift between the African and Lisbon currents, floating in a confluent frequency without a place or specific name. The categorisations of “African music” and “European music” quarrel with each other in an argument about geographic, referential, and historical characteristics — a dissonant dialogue evading the unisson.