bastard crisis
Communication Design V Project

The development of the European imaginary is founded by Humanist ideals, the valorisation of morals, ideals, and humanity. These values are ideological pillars in European institutions summarised in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. Even so, are these values still guiding the European project? As Europe tries to keep being competitive in the economy of capitalist market while facing political and humanitarian crises, the importance of the disclosure of the value crisis is highlighted, despite being overshadowed by the previously mentioned crises.

“Originally, the EU was conceived as an instrument of solidarity and cooperation. Today, it is held together by grim necessity. That is not the Europe we want or need. We must reverse this intolerable transformation. We must find a way to recapture the spirit of solidarity and shared values that once inspired the European imagination.” George Soros (2012), “Europe’s Crisis of Values”

“Bastard Crisis” presents itself as an alert to the value crisis in Europe. A reflection and dialogue is suggested through expository moments. The final goal of the project is to inform the observers, but also to make them uneasy and alert to this topic..