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Communication Design V Project

Is our idea of Europe circumscribed to the concept of European Union? We often assume that the relevant countries in Europe are only those that belong to the European Union. Perhaps we only recall Switzerland, Norway, or Russia, and we end up forgetting or ignoring many others that don’t have a commercial dynamic on the same scale as ours, and they have authoritarian political regimes, so we often end up not knowing they are in European territory. In contrast, how is the vision of these countries relatively to the countries of the European Union? Is there a feeling of inferiority? The will to belong? Pride in not depending on a union and mutual aid?

What is the future of Europe? Can the European Union come to an end? Can it expand itself? What if every country, like the United Kingdom, initiated their path to the exit from this Union that has been created so many years ago? A collective check out. What if, on the contrary, new countries began adhering to this alliance? What if all of Europe united in the European Union?

With this project we intend to contextualise the current European Union: jeopardised, conflicting, with pros and cons. With all this as basis, we depart to a simulation – a Europe in constant change.