archive of a european
Communication Design V Project

To be European is to be a storyteller. Remembrances. Collections. Stuff and more stuff. In an endless list of teas and the different cultures that cross each other in this space, there are conversations about history, about everything that unites us, there are glances from who really cares about Europeans. I shift my glance, not to the European, but to what he did and is still a part of him. A glance that attempts to grasp the stories we know, the stories we tell, the stories we think we know, the jokes we make. Between cups and tables, an infinite collection of experiences. Layers and layers of stories. In these walls the European constructs and deconstructs himself. And it’s not by the geographic limits of the continent, since “it has been difficult at all times to decide where Europe begins and where it ends — geographically, culturally or ethnically.*

* Zygmunt Bauman (2004). Europa: An Unfinished Adventure.
Polity Press, 2004.