Communication Design V Project

The conflicts in Former Yugoslavia took dimensions that are strange for us in a Europe of the 90s: the barbaric panoramas of the concentration camps, deaths, refugees, and mass rapes transport us to far-off times when human rights used to be constantly disrespected.This war questioned all ideals established by the existing European Union in a Europe that was considered estabilised.

The project 0038 was divided in three phases: first, the research, which has resulted in a digital archive — available on the website — second the communication through an installation, and third, the analysis, which led to the creation of an editorial object.

The installation communicates the extensive and intriguing archive about Yugoslavia and the end of its war by presenting the countries involved and, above all, the people who lived it.

The publication “Red Pages” shows the evident parallelism between two protagonists — Europe and Yugoslavia — through the metaphor of a phone book (which keeps the communicational concept of project 0038, being the number a reference to the former geographic prefix of Yugoslavia phone numbers).